Why Face Shields Are So Important

Two Big Reasons:

1.) Face shields help protect doctors, nurses and other frontline medical staff from aerosolized contagions and droplets, (to keep them from getting infected) and…

2.) face shields preserve precious consumable PPE such as N95 masks, which are now next to impossible to replenish. Consumable PPE such as masks get contaminated by infected droplets and airborne infection putting patients and healthcare workers at greater risk from cross contamination.

Face shields may also be donned (put on) and doffed (taken off) quickly and rapidly sanitized in sanitizer baths to reduce cross contamination as healthcare workers enter and exit from airborne disease units at hospitals. And one face shield can be used by multiple workers over the course of 24 hours.

The ArmorShield.org sourced face shields are lightweight (4.2 oz), this is important because they must be worn all shift so lightweight is a key requirement, low-cost, durable, reusable, sanitizable, and can be disassembled and reassembled in less than 60 seconds with no tools. These face shields are precision crafted and durable – designed to last through the pandemic.

Our supplier worked directly with frontline nurses and clinical staff in Seattle to design the lightest, most purposefully designed, precision crafted face shield possible, all from materials that man be replaced without any proprietary parts required, due to the modular design. The shields are approved by University of Washington Medical Center and Evergreen Hospital and being used in surgical and clinical procedures already.

We are currently partnered with Scrape Armor, the worldwide leader in precision automotive skid plate protection but whom are now 100% focused on producing medical grade face shields as part of the pandemic response.