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A letter from Jason Warner, founder of ArmorShield.org:

We are in the middle of an existential worldwide crisis, so I have committed time and resources to play a role in the solution.

If you haven’t read the pandemic Facebook post that I wrote that went viral (5M viewers to date) I’d suggest reading it if you want to know more about my story. Before March 12, 2020 I was just a regular entrepreneurial guy running my little software company. But after the post went viral, and I had so many nurses and doctors and frontline medical staff reach out to me to share their stories, I couldn’t remain a bystander. These men and women in the ERs across our country were vulnerable. They are frightened, lacking in all manner of PPE, but putting themselves and their loved ones at risk by putting themselves last and going into work because helping people is in their DNA. Healthcare workers do what they do because it’s part of their purpose, even if it means risking their own lives. It’s not just a job to them.

So I felt compelled to join their fight.

The pandemic problem, and the surge of COVID19 patients that is heading towards your local hospital puts you, your family, friends and community at risk: The supply and distribution channels to your local healthcare providers are broken from a “Perfect Storm” of issues: Price gouging, production constraints, time delays, raw materials shortages, and a host of other dysfunction are resulting in frontline nurses and doctors being unable to receive the personal protective equipment they require, which puts all communities including yours at great risk. Forbes article for reference.

When your local hospital gets overloaded by COVID cases and the staff get infected due to lack of protective equipment, your local healthcare provider’s ability to provide healthcare to you, your family, friends and community are dramatically compromised, whether you suffer from a COVID related illness, a cardiac event, car accident, or other healthcare emergency that requires treatment.

The Solution: ArmorShield.org is a new non-profit, crowdsourced rapid funding model that allows donations from companies and private citizens to fund shipments of PPE and other critical supplies directly from manufacturers to the nurses and doctors that need them. There is no faster way to deliver required materials to the doctors and nurses that need them.

Please help by donating or volunteering.



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ArmorShield.org is a non profit founded in the middle of the COVID19 Pandemic by me, Jason Warner, the CEO of a SaaS software company in Bend, Oregon to assist getting critical supplies to the healthcare workers on the frontlines of America.

I have devoted significant time and resources to the pandemic response.

ArmorShield.org is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Corporate sponsors offering “matching” programs or other manufacturers wanting to participate please contact me below.

Contact us: jason@armorshield.org


FEDERAL TAX ID: 85-0619206

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501(c)(3) registered